There’s hope for your lawn! Don’t settle for patchy brown spots, diseased grass, and insect infestations. Lawn renovation can bring even the most distressed lawns back to health. We’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again.   

With 25 years of local lawn care and landscaping experience in the Hadley, Massachusetts, area, Better View Landscapes specializes in customized lawn renovation programs. We start by examining and categorizing your lawn to determine if you need our Basic, Better, or Best program:

  • The A Lawn: These lawns are already pretty healthy, and it’s our job to keep them that way with weed control and five-step fertilization.
  • The B Lawn: If you see some thinning grass and weeds, you could benefit from our Basic or Better lawn renovation program.
  • The C Lawn: With lots of weeds, bare patches, and grass color variation, you need a bigger intervention with the Better or Best program. 
  • The D Lawn: These are the lawns that can’t honestly be called lawns—they’re big brown swaths of land at risk of erosion and weed infestations. There’s only one way to go here, and that’s the Best lawn renovation program. 

Our programs include services like overseeding, hydroseeding, grading, aeration, fertilization, and soil analysis, depending on the condition of your soil and grass. This is one of many landscaping services we have to offer, which enables you to complete any outdoor project with one talented, industry-certified team of professionals. We’ll communicate clearly and honestly with you about what your property needs and outline your options so you can make informed choices. Contact us today to learn more about our lawn renovation services as well as ongoing lawn care and landscape maintenance in Hadley, Massachusetts.

Clients Appreciate Our All-Inclusive Approach and In-House Expertise

Our landscaping services are second to none in New England, but don’t take our word for it! Take a look at our reviews to see what our loyal customers have to say.

When we bought our home, the back acre had been cleared years ago but not maintained, so we had a thick patch of thorny growth and grapevine that made it impassible to the nearby forest. Initially we just wanted it all cleared, but Tory had some great ideas to make it into something far more beautiful. Now we have a meandering path through wildflower meadow, a fire pit, a fruit orchard, and a playing field that has completely changed our yard. Would highly recommend Better View for your design needs!

Aaron Becker

Better View and their Team are top notch and are super easy to hire and work with. I submitted a request for service via their website and the sent me an email super quick to setup a phone call to discuss our needs. They answer the phone when you call , return emails and overall great to work with.

Daniel Burke

I’ve been working with Better View Landscapes for several years now.  They have a great system of communication by email. The work is done quickly and with attention to detail.  My lawn looks healthy and tidy.  I keep bees there, and Better View Landscapes uses only products that are not harmful to them.  I also count on Better View for snowplowing in the winter.  They’ve always gotten the job done well.  Highly recommended.

Anne Griffin

Better View Landscapes has been servicing our property since 2011.  We’re grateful for their expertise, courteous staff and professionalism throughout the years.  Our property is impeccably maintained year round and an oasis when we return home from work.  The owner is extremely responsive and works with us in our countless questions.  Highly recommended!


Zoy Soulis

The staff are the most outstanding.  Whether it is summer or winter, leaves or snow, the workers are ALWAYS friendly, helpful, attentive, accommodating. Your satisfaction is their goal, and they are willing to listen to you to better understand what you want, to make that happen.

Marcia Sporny

We are committed to providing immaculate landscaping and exceptional customer service year-round!

Why Choose Better View Landscapes for Lawn Renovation

We strive to be good stewards of your property, which includes prompt service, clear communication, and safe, efficient execution of the plan using the right tools for the job. You can rely on us for effective lawn renovation along with all the information you need to understand our process and how to keep your lawn at its best.

You might already know whether you need our Basic, Better, or Best lawn renovation program for your Hadley property. If not, we’re here to assess the situation and provide recommendations.


This simple plan is a great way to give a B lawn the leg up it needs to really shine. There is no warranty with this plan. It includes:

  • Aeration: With a professional core aerator, we extract small pieces of soil to allow water, oxygen, and nutrients to move directly to the roots of the grass. Those extracted pieces break down and become part of your yard again.
  • Overseeding: This is done after aeration to give the seeds a chance to sink deeper into the soil, where they can take hold and grow to create that thick lawn you’re looking for.
  • Starter Fertilizer: Fresh seeds benefit from extra phosphorus to keep them developing strong, healthy roots. This fertilizer gets your new grass off to a great start.


This plan is suited for most C lawns. It includes the aeration, overseeding, and starter fertilizer from the Basic program, as well as:

  • Slice Seeding: Also called power seeding, we use a machine to cut small rows into the soil, where we’ll plant seeds. This is highly effective for filling in bare areas.
  • Biostimulant: This organic material simply makes nutrients more available to the plants, without actually changing the nutrient content of the soil.
  • 45-Day Germination Warranty: Within the 45 days following seeding, if you notice any areas where the grass seeds didn’t germinate, we’ll come back for one visit to touch up those areas.


When your D lawn needs a complete overhaul from grading, amending soil and hydroseeding, the Best program provides you a whole new start with everything in the Better program, as well as:

  • Soil Analysis: Understanding the nutrient levels and pH of your soil allows us to adjust your program to make up for anything the soil is lacking.
  • Compost Topdressing: We’ll apply a 1/4″-1/2″ layer of compost to the top of your lawn. Because compost is rich in nutrients, it improves the condition of your soil and gives your grass seeds a healthy environment where they can grow.
  • 6-Month Germination Warranty: Within six months following seeding, if you notice any areas where the grass seeds didn’t germinate, we’ll come back for one visit to touch up those areas.

If you’re not sure what your lawn needs, contact us. We’ll help you determine the best course of action for your property.

Creative Outdoor Living Spaces, Lush Gardens, Fine Craftsmanship, and More in Our Portfolio

We’ve worked on countless projects in our local area, and they’re all unique. Each one is the result of a detailed collaboration between our team and the homeowner. Find some inspiration in our portfolio, and combine it with your own ideas to create a landscape that’s truly your own.

Better View Landscaping Process Graphic

Know What to Expect During Your Landscaping Project

At Better View Landscapes, we strive for clarity and transparency. All of our contracts are clearly outlined, with no hidden fees. We tailor your service plan to meet the particular needs of your property, so you can rest assured that your landscaping will look its best year-round. Getting started is simple:

  • Request a Quote

    Contact our office using this online form or call the office directly. We will ask for details about your property, the kind of services you require, and your budget requirements. If you fill out our form, you can expect a call from our representatives within one business day.

  • On-Site or Virtual Meeting

    Once we have determined that your project is a good fit, we will set up an on-site visit or virtual meeting, depending on your project. For design projects and more complex landscaping contracts, we will visit your property to gather information. If you require basic maintenance services, we will conduct an easy virtual meeting via Zoom to clarify the details before preparing your proposal.

  • Estimate

    For our maintenance services, we will prepare a proposal within 3 business days of our first meeting and send it to you for review and approval. Most initial design proposals will be ready within one business day of our initial meeting. Following this design concept meeting, we will prepare your agreement and pricing as discussed and send it to you for approval.

  • Your Custom Plan

    Once we have completed contract discussions, you can review and sign your design plan or care plan. We will request your installation deposit before scheduling work, and your design fee must be paid prior to beginning design work. Most initial design renderings will be ready within ten business days after your design proposal has been accepted, with a follow-up meeting(s) upon completion of the initial design plan. For landscape maintenance plans, we will provide you with an invoice in the week following each service visit, and payment will be charged against the card you have on file.

  • Agreement & Work Begins

    Once you have signed your service agreement, maintenance and installation services will be added to the schedule. You will receive regular communication from our team to ensure that any questions and concerns are addressed quickly. Our team will be available for any questions you may have after each maintenance service visit, and a comprehensive walk-through will be conducted with you upon completion of your installation project.

  • Follow-up Care

    For maintenance contracts, you can expect monthly follow-ups to ensure your satisfaction. For installation services, we will reach out to you after the work is complete to provide follow-up care recommendations and service.

Landscape Solution People Offering a Wide Range of Services

With decades of hands-on experience in landscape design, installation, and maintenance, we are committed to offering superior service. Our comprehensive line of services includes:

For our customers who require landscape installation, we provide dedicated landscape design services. Our design services include walkways, paths, and hardscapes, landscape lighting, retaining walls, planters, perennial gardens, and more. Visit our Landscape Design Page to learn more!

Better View Landscapes provides full-service installation for hard and softscapes, trees, paths and walkways, lighting, retaining walls, perennial beds, and more. With decades of experience in landscape design and installation, we will quickly and efficiently create a gorgeous landscape that you will love to come home to every day. Visit our Landscape Installation Page for more information!

In addition to horticultural knowledge, the experts at Better View have a wealth of design and installation experience that makes us uniquely suited to install outdoor living areas, including firepits, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, built-in grills, patios, and so much more. And make sure pests don’t send you running from your new outdoor space with a mosquito & tick control service. Take a look at our Outdoor Living Page to find out more!

We know that a beautiful landscape requires ongoing care and attention, which is why we offer personalized landscape maintenance plans. Our plans are specifically tailored to meet the particular needs of each property, including garden beds, fine gardening, tree and shrub pruning, seasonal cleanup, and trimming, among many others. Visit our Landscape Maintenance Page to view our full selection of maintenance services.

Our quality lawn care plans will keep your lawn looking lush and healthy. We provide a host of tailored lawn care services, including mowing, aeration, fertilization, hydroseeding, overseeding, turf care, and complete lawn renovations. See our Lawn Care Page to learn more!

We understand that commercial properties must look professional and clean at all times. We help smaller commercial properties and property managers, who value a higher level of care, attain a polished aesthetic. Our commercial landscaping services include commercial landscape installation, maintenance, irrigation, and snow removal.

Gutter cleaning is an efficient, cost-effective way to prevent a lot of headache and hassle. This should be done at least twice a year, though your gutters may require more frequent cleanings if you tend to get more build-up of leaves and other debris throughout the year.

At Better View Landscapes we offer residential and commercial snow plowing, roof ice and snow removal & plowing, salting and de-icing, snow blowing, and more. We put our dedicated team and top-of-the-line equipment to work all season long to ensure your driveway and sidewalks are clear, safe, and usable.

To learn more about our extensive selection of landscaping services, visit our Services Page!

Thorough Lawn Renovation Programs in Hadley, MA, and the Surrounding Communities

After more than 25 years of servicing New England properties, we have a thorough understanding of the area’s unique climate, soils, and moisture, as well as comprehensive horticultural knowledge of local plant life. We are proud to provide exceptional landscape design, installation, and maintenance services to loyal customers in and around the Pioneer Valley. Our extensive service area includes:

Northampton | AmherstHadley | South Hadley | Florence | Belchertown | PelhamEasthampton | Sunderland

Design-build services only (maintenance coming soon):

LongmeadowEast Longmeadow

Don’t see your neighborhood? Visit our Service Area page for more details, or contact our office to request service in your area.

A Career That Grows With You—With Competitive Pay and Benefits Along the Way

If you are an experienced landscaper with a commitment to safety and an eye for detail, we want you on our team! Better View Landscapes is dedicated to providing customers with beautiful landscapes with meticulous attention to detail. We are seeking responsible employees with a strong work ethic and experience operating landscaping equipment. We know that happy employees mean satisfied customers, which is why we offer a friendly and safe work environment, comprehensive training courses, high-quality uniforms and safety gear, competitive pay, and benefits. Visit our Careers page to learn more about our current job openings.

There’s No Landscaping Challenge Too Big For Our Team of Experts

Your lawn might look hopeless, but we refuse to believe that’s the case! With the right care at the right time, we can turn it around. That’s what lawn renovation is all about, and we’re here for it. Rely on our 25 years of experience, attention to detail, and extensive Pioneer Valley horticulture knowledge for your lawn renovation, landscape maintenance, outdoor living design and installation, gutter cleaning, snow removal, and other outdoor projects. Contact us today for more information about our customized programs in Hadley, Massachusetts, and throughout the area.