Initial Meeting / Site Visit

During the first visit, you’ll meet directly with Owner/Designer Tory J. Chlanda. You’ll discuss the ideas, goals, and needs of your landscape project, and Tory will contribute his expertise as the ideas take shape. Together, we might stroll around the property discussing possibilities as we experience the site together; this helps generate a more full picture of your tastes, your expectations, and your property’s full potential.

If you already have a set of landscape plans, it still makes sense to begin with this discussion and walk-through. You may find that Tory’s expertise can provide wonderful creative synergy that builds on what your designer has done, and makes the design even more attractive.

Second meeting

Depending on the scale of work and your preferences, the second meeting will either:

Create drawings and a preliminary set of plans:

You meet with Tory and one of our associate draftspersons(s). We discuss the key points of the project and do some rough sketching of key areas such as patios, walks, pools, and driveways.

Go directly to a contract:

You meet with Tory and discuss the agreements made in the previous meeting. We walk around the property and discuss the concepts and techniques that will transform your space.

Following this meeting, we come to you with a detailed landscape contract that includes a detailed step by step process outlining how we are going to complete the landscape project and what you can expect at every step.


Since we are the people who have designed the project, we seamlessly install your landscape with all the thought and function that we discussed throughout the conceptual stage. Almost all landscape plans require a little “fitting” to the actual land. Because of our depth of involvement, we are able to make decisions in the field that maintain the integrity of the concept we have discussed.