Spend your free time enjoying your Northampton, MA outdoor space rather than checking landscaping tasks off your to-do list. Professional landscape maintenance helps you save time, money, and hassle—with regular property care, you can reduce your maintenance requirements over time and avoid large-scale interventions.

At Better View Landscapes, we provide a customized professional landscape maintenance and Fine Gardening plan to keep your property at its best. We hold ourselves to high standards for excellence when it comes to maintaining your outdoor spaces, and you’ll notice the Better View difference. That is why we have created the BVL Standard of care.

The BVL Care Standard:

  • Well-edged garden beds that are regularly weeded
  • Precise mulch application, with consistent mulch lines that match the contour of the land and do not exceed root flare or root mass of plants
  • Trees are properly pruned to allow safe, sustainable growth
  • Shrubs are properly pruned according to the types of plant and the intended use of said shrubs (Lilac is hand pruned after bloom, Box woods are sheared to shape after new growth)
  • Thorough leaf removal
  • Deadheaded plants look healthy and happy
  • Pest damage is minimized to a sustainable level where plant and environment are both 
  • Gardens are carefully balanced, with no overgrowth or crowding

This is why Northampton residents choose us for their landscape maintenance needs:

You get to keep your landscape up to standard with a high level of care including annual assessments, which means you can enjoy your landscape and not worry about it.

You work directly with our highly experienced head gardener, which means that your landscape will get the personalized attention it needs to thrive.

We can spot problems before they start to help protect your investment and property.

When you work with us, we’ll give you a better understanding of your landscape and its requirements. We’re happy to teach you how to care for your space in between our visits, and you can rely on us to return your messages promptly if you have any questions or concerns. Choose from a variety of professional landscape maintenance plans in Northampton, Massachusetts, and the surrounding communities, and customize your services to ensure you get the results you need and want. Contact us to learn more and get started today.

“The Better View Process”

Understanding Our Proven Process for Landscape Maintenance

You should know what to expect when you hire a professional landscape maintenance team. Over our 25-plus years of experience in Northampton, we’ve streamlined our service process to ensure you have a great experience with us and get the results you’re looking for. This is how it goes:

  • 1

    Contact Us

    Fill out our contact form or give us a call. One of our experienced Garden staff will be in touch to discuss your landscape and its needs.

  • 2

    Site Visit

    We’ll meet you on your property to take a closer look. This is where we’ll give you a better idea of what we can do for you and what you’ll need to do yourself to keep your landscape at its best.

  • 3

    Landscape Care Assessment

    This is designed to help you get to know the unique features of your property. We’ll identify soil issues, plant health problems, drainage concerns, and more, and give you the information you need to make informed decisions. In collaboration with you, we’ll design a professional landscape maintenance program that meets your needs and expectations.

  • 4

    Proposal and Preference Sheet

    We’ll draft a detailed proposal based on your wants and needs. When you accept the proposal, you’ll have the opportunity to fill out our Preferences Sheet, where you can identify your specific standards for pruning, grass height, and more.

  • 5

    One-Hour Property Review

    We’ll look at your Preferences Sheet and your property again to align your wishes with our action plan.

  • 6

    Work Begins

    Leave it to us! You’re always welcome to contact us with questions or concerns, and we’ll reach out if there’s a landscaping issue that requires your input. Otherwise, our goal is to make your landscape maintenance program as simple as possible for you. We’ll work efficiently according to our own high standards for quality and safety.

  • 7

    Annual Review/Check-up

    Each year we will visit your property and assess the needs of your landscape. We will adjust the plan accordingly based on our observations. We will also work with you to update preferences and priorities for the coming year.

Clients Appreciate Our All-Inclusive Approach and In-House Expertise

Our landscaping services are second to none in New England, but don’t take our word for it! Take a look at our reviews to see what our loyal customers have to say.

When we bought our home, the back acre had been cleared years ago but not maintained, so we had a thick patch of thorny growth and grapevine that made it impassible to the nearby forest. Initially we just wanted it all cleared, but Tory had some great ideas to make it into something far more beautiful. Now we have a meandering path through wildflower meadow, a fire pit, a fruit orchard, and a playing field that has completely changed our yard. Would highly recommend Better View for your design needs!

Aaron Becker

Better View and their Team are top notch and are super easy to hire and work with. I submitted a request for service via their website and the sent me an email super quick to setup a phone call to discuss our needs. They answer the phone when you call , return emails and overall great to work with.

Daniel Burke

I’ve been working with Better View Landscapes for several years now.  They have a great system of communication by email. The work is done quickly and with attention to detail.  My lawn looks healthy and tidy.  I keep bees there, and Better View Landscapes uses only products that are not harmful to them.  I also count on Better View for snowplowing in the winter.  They’ve always gotten the job done well.  Highly recommended.

Anne Griffin

Better View Landscapes has been servicing our property since 2011.  We’re grateful for their expertise, courteous staff and professionalism throughout the years.  Our property is impeccably maintained year round and an oasis when we return home from work.  The owner is extremely responsive and works with us in our countless questions.  Highly recommended!


Zoy Soulis

The staff are the most outstanding.  Whether it is summer or winter, leaves or snow, the workers are ALWAYS friendly, helpful, attentive, accommodating. Your satisfaction is their goal, and they are willing to listen to you to better understand what you want, to make that happen.

Marcia Sporny

We are committed to providing immaculate landscaping and exceptional customer service year-round!

Maintenance Care Plans: A Customized Plan for Your Landscape’s Health and Beauty

At Better View Landscapes, we believe in delivering personalized solutions for your garden’s unique needs. From our initial assessment, we work closely with you to understand your vision and design a custom maintenance plan to bring your garden to life. Whether you need basic maintenance or want to enhance the overall beauty of your property, we have the expertise and experience to deliver outstanding results. Trust us to handle the hard work and let you sit back, relax and enjoy your garden’s stunning beauty.

MCP Restore: Bring Your Garden Back to Life

  • Our MCP Restore plan is tailored to restore the original design and beauty of your garden. We will address any plant health issues, tackle weeds and grass encroachment, and rejuvenate your property with restorative pruning, replanting, and other essential services. With our focus on restoring the initial design, you can trust us to bring new life to your garden and keep it healthy with fertilization and pest control.

MCP Improve: Elevate Your Garden to New Heights

  • Our MCP Improve plan is designed to take your garden to the next level, creating a beautiful and vibrant extension of your home. With our focus on adding plants, solving landscape problems, and providing regular maintenance, we will work with you to understand your desired outcome and elevate your garden's appearance. From filling bare areas to keeping something in bloom, we will ensure your garden leaves a lasting impression.

MCP Maintain: Keep Your Garden Running on Autopilot

  • Our MCP Maintain plan is designed to keep your garden in its best condition with regular maintenance services. We will provide pruning, deadheading, mulching, pest control, and other necessary services to keep your garden running smoothly. Our goal is to maintain your garden's existing appearance with minimal effort on your part, and we may occasionally undertake special projects as needed. With our focus on maintaining your garden, you can enjoy its beauty all year round.

Add Ons

Add these services to any of our primary packages to further customize your care plan:

Seasonal color package: A Seasonal Color Package is a perfect way to enhance the beauty of your landscape throughout the year. It is a customized package consisting of various types of plantings such as annuals, bulbs, and mums that are carefully selected and installed by our expert team.

With this package, you can enjoy a burst of vibrant colors at four different times during the growing season, adding visual interest and appeal to your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking to add bold hues or subtle accents, our seasonal color package can be tailored to meet your specific preferences and needs.

Our team takes care of all aspects of the installation process, from selecting the right plants to designing the layout and ensuring proper care and maintenance. With our seasonal color package, you can sit back and relax while we transform your landscape into a stunning display of colors and textures.

Spring annual planting: Bring a touch of spring to your outdoor space with our spring pansy planting. Our experienced horticulturists select the best pansies and other cold-hardy spring flowers from local suppliers to create a vibrant display of color.

Summer annual planting: Our summer annual planting service offers a comprehensive solution for adding vibrant color and texture to your outdoor spaces. Our experienced horticulturists will select the best annual plants that thrive in your area and fit your specific needs, whether you want to add beauty to a garden bed, create a striking container garden, or line a walkway with blooming flowers.

Fall color (mums, aster, and ornamental grasses cabbage): Bring fall vibrancy to your outdoor space with our locally-sourced fall color planting. Our team selects the best mums, aster, ornamental grasses, and cabbage from local suppliers to ensure top-quality and long-lasting results.

Spring bulb planting: Get a head start on spring with our fall bulk planting for spring color. Our team selects and plants a large quantity of spring-blooming bulbs, such as tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths, in the fall to ensure a stunning display of color come spring.

Perennial color: Bring long-lasting color to your New England landscape with our perennial color service. Our experienced horticulturists select the best pollinator-friendly perennials, such as coneflowers, black-eyed susans, and native wildflowers, to add vibrant hues to your garden.

Pollinator Upgrade: Choose pollinator-friendly plants for your gardens to support the bee population and encourage healthy, thriving plant life.

Winter Protection Package: Prepare for the cold season with an anti-desiccant application, shrub wrapping, and plant coverage (straw mulch) to protect the roots.

Contact us to learn more about any of our care plans and how you can customize them to suit your property. 

Offering Professional Landscaping Maintenance in Northampton, MA, and the Surrounding Area

In addition to landscape maintenance, we provide a variety of landscaping services for our customers in Northampton, Massachusetts. With decades of hands-on experience in landscape design, installation, and maintenance, we are committed to offering superior service. Our comprehensive line of services includes:

For our customers who require landscape installation, we provide dedicated landscape design services. Our design services include walkways, paths, and hardscapes, landscape lighting, retaining walls, planters, perennial gardens, and more. Visit our Landscape Design Page to learn more!

Better View Landscapes provides full-service installation for hard and softscapes, trees, paths and walkways, lighting, retaining walls, perennial beds, and more. With decades of experience in landscape design and installation, we will quickly and efficiently create a gorgeous landscape that you will love to come home to every day. Visit our Landscape Installation Page for more information!

In addition to horticultural knowledge, the experts at Better View have a wealth of design and installation experience that makes us uniquely suited to install outdoor living areas, including firepits, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, built-in grills, patios. And make sure pests don’t send you running from your new outdoor space with a mosquito & tick control service. Take a look at our Outdoor Living Page to find out more!

We know that a beautiful landscape requires ongoing care and attention, which is why we offer personalized landscape maintenance plans. Our plans are specifically tailored to meet the particular needs of each property, including garden beds, fine gardening, tree and shrub pruning, seasonal cleanup, and trimming, among many others. Visit our Landscape Maintenance Page to view our full selection of maintenance services.

Our quality lawn care plans will keep your lawn looking lush and healthy. We provide a host of tailored lawn care services, including mowing, aeration, fertilization, hydroseeding, overseeding, turf care, and complete lawn renovations. See our Lawn Care Page to learn more!

We understand that commercial properties must look professional and clean at all times. We help smaller commercial properties and property managers, who value a higher level of care, attain a polished aesthetic. Our commercial landscaping services include commercial landscape installation, maintenance, irrigation, and snow removal.

Gutter cleaning is an efficient, cost-effective way to prevent a lot of headache and hassle. This should be done at least twice a year, though your gutters may require more frequent cleanings if you tend to get more build-up of leaves and other debris throughout the year.

At Better View Landscapes we offer residential and commercial snow plowing, roof ice and snow removal & plowing, salting and de-icing, snow blowing, and more. We put our dedicated team and top-of-the-line equipment to work all season long to ensure your driveway and sidewalks are clear, safe, and usable.

To learn more about our extensive selection of landscaping services, visit our Services Page!

Build Your Career With the Pioneer Valley’s Leading Landscape Company

If you are an experienced landscaper with a commitment to safety and an eye for detail, we want you on our team! Better View Landscapes is dedicated to providing customers with beautiful landscapes with meticulous attention to detail. We are seeking responsible employees with a strong work ethic, and experience operating landscaping equipment. We know that happy employees mean satisfied customers, which is why we offer a friendly and safe work environment, comprehensive training courses, quality uniforms and safety gear, competitive pay, and benefits. Visit our Careers Page to learn more about our current job openings.

Property Care Done Right in the Pioneer Valley

Work with Better View Landscapes and reap the benefits of consistent, reliable landscape maintenance, complete with annual assessments and personalized attention. Enjoy your outdoor space without hassle or worry, and know that you can always reach out to our head gardener if you have questions or concerns. We provide a monthly newsletter with information about the coming month’s services and any current challenges, like pests or weather conditions, that we’re keeping an eye on. You’ll also receive email alerts after our visits to let you know what work we completed.

Landscape maintenance in Northampton, Massachusetts, has never been easier. Call us or fill out our contact form to customize your property care plan today.